Vandals smash more church windows in Dorchester

Vandals smash more church windows in Dorchester

Published by George Sharpe at 11:23am 21st February 2020. (Updated at 11:52am 21st February 2020)

Bricks thrown through five more windows at Storehouse Church last night.

It's after a rear window was smashed sometime over night between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dorset Police were called at 8:33am today to reports of criminal damage at the church on Cambridge Road. No arrests have been made.

Pastor Mark Topp has a message for the people responsible:

"I want to bless you, come and speak to me and have a conversation with me. Obviously, you're interested in the church  because you're chucking things through the window.

"Have a chat with me, have a coffee with me. I want to see if we can help you."

Storehouse Church, Dorchester
Storehouse Church, Cambridge Road

Every Monday and Friday the Church in Cambridge Road hosts a soup kitchen for vulnerable homeless people. 

The volunteers, as well as Mark, are now clearing up the broken glass left on the floor before they feed people who need the service later on.

Windows smashed at Storehouse Church

Mark Topp, Pastor of Storehouse Church:

"Feeling not brilliant, but it is what it is. It's part and parcel of serving and being part of the community...

"They don't realise that just by throwing a couple of bricks it actually has a knock on effect

"We've got so much that we want to be doing but it just takes up so much time and effort and money and resources."

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