Bridport's transition town launch fashion revolution

Bridport's transition town launch fashion revolution

Published by Maria Greenwood at 12:01am 23rd February 2020.

Bridport's Transition Town launch their fashion revolution campaign.

Transition town launch Bridport Fashion Revolution.

After a successful three years of running Green Fortnight buying local, plastics and Food Farming and the future. 

This year Transition Town have chosen to run an extended campaign on sustainable clothing, started by Lesley Windsor.

What started as a two week campaign has been stretched to two months because of the number of events organised.

Fashion Revolution

Lesley says:

"Transition Town chose fashion this year, because the fashion industry has had to acknowledge that they are environmentally damaging, they are starting to look at ways to change.

"We did the research and set the campaign up with a variety events. It was launched last Thursday night to coincide with London Fashion Week."

"We want to put on events to show people that they can extend the life of their clothes. Over the next two months we are holding a film screening, a love your clothes evening with cocktails and cake.

Lesley says one of the big events they are holding is a clothes swap:

"You can bring three or four good quality items of clothing. Something that doesn't fit or something you are just bored with. Then swap it with another item, replenish it."

Fashion Revolution started six years ago after the Rana Plaza disaster. Over 1000 people were killed in a factory in Bangladesh making clothes for Western companies.

Fashion Revolution
Sue Fairley from New Look

Lesley explained that Transition Town got involved with Fashion revolution because they see the fashion industry as one of the big contributors to climate change.

"Clothes in production have nearly doubled since 2000 and people end up keeping their clothes for twice as long.

"The textiles industry produces more emissions than aviation and shipping combined.

"Unfortunately, the production model is really damaging for the environment.

"Fast fashion companies can make 10 garments and if they sell one, they are in profit. we make too many clothes and we buy too many clothes."

Bridport's Fashion Revolution campaign will run until the end of April, you can attend the following events:

Love Your Clothes - 7pm, 5th March at the Soulshine Cafe
Get Swishing - 7pm, 17th March at the Youth Centre
Mending Our Ways - 7pm, 26th March at United church
Charity Shop challenge - 28th March - 14th April
Action Design Workshop - 11am, 29th March at GLOW space
Green Quiz Night - 8pm, 31 March at the Ropemakers
BFR Fashion Show - 7:30pm, 24th April