Over 30 children released from locked cars in Dorset

Over 30 children released from locked cars in Dorset

Published by Henrietta Creasey at 4:15pm 12th March 2020. (Updated at 4:16pm 12th March 2020)

Fire fighters were called to release over 30 children from cars in Dorset

It's every parents worst nightmare - your child gets trapped in a vehicle!

The figures, which span a three year period from  2017 to 2019, were given to Wessex FM following a Freedom of Information request to Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service (DWFRS).

The stats show crews helped release 34 children during that period in total.

Last year alone fire-fighters  were called to 21 incidents in the county where children had accidentally got trapped inside a vehicle.


One of the most common incidents involves toddlers getting hold of a key fob, accidentally locking themselves in and then not knowing what button to press to unlock the car from the inside.

car keys Pixabay
Young children are often very attracted to car keys!

The AA says it rescues on average seven children locked in cars every day in the UK.


We wanted to shine the light on some of the more unusual incidents our emergency service deals with including getting help removing a ring stuck on your finger!

Ring cut off Salisbury Fire Station

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue told Wessex FM they dealt with 27 incidents in Dorset last year.

A spokesperson for DWFRS said:

"The vast majority of people turn up at our stations for help, however we have attended hospitals and care homes where more vulnerable or elderly people may have been involved."


One of the other common incidents DWFRS gets called to is people stuck in lifts.

There were 137 incidents in Dorset last year alone.