Coronavirus declared a global pandemic

Coronavirus declared a global pandemic

Published by George Sharpe at 5:07pm 11th March 2020. (Updated at 6:29am 12th March 2020)

The World Health Organisation have declared Covid-19 a pandemic.

vis The head of the World health Organisation has declared the coronavirus outbreak as a global pandemic. 

Cases outside China have increased 13-fold in the last two weeks says Doctor Tedros Adanhom.

In the Budget announcement earlier, the Chancellor warned that the virus is causing a 'significant but temporary' disruption to the UK's economy.


With Rishi Sunak announcing billions of pounds of funding for health services, and assistance for small businesses, including covering the costs of sick pay. 

In the last hour, Ireland reported it's first death.

There are now 460 reported cases here in the UK, seeing the biggest daily increase so far in the past 24 hours.

Three people are confirmed to have the virus in Dorset.