Dorset police take part in charity football match

Dorset police take part in charity football match

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 15th March 2020.

Dorset Police and Barber Jacks go head to head in a charity football match in aid Speak Out.

A charity football match between "Barber Jacks", Weymouth and "Dorset Police" is happening today!

The football game is raising funds for "Speak Out" a Dorset based mental health charity.

It kicks off at 3pm, at the Dorchester Football Stadium, entry is £1.

The team playing against each other are Barber Jacks in Weymouth will be playing against Weymouth and Portland police.

There will be a raffle, which will be drawn after the match. So far they have raised over $500. It's £5 for five tickets with 50 prizes to be won including:

Cash prizes

Meal vouchers

Cheese Hamper

Massage Voucher

Dorchester Football stadium

Billy Hutchinson is a member of the Leggomen, a local band who are sponsoring the match ball, he says it's easy for people not to talk about their issues:

"It's very easy for men to not discuss their problems and not talk, the only time we're all sort of really together is when we're at a sporting event, watching football, playing football, rugby, cricket. The game involves a lot of people that certainly rely on such a programme for them to get on with their daily lives, it's hugely important.

"I'm a bit nervous, I haven't played football on a large pitch for a while. Hopefully after 60 minutes the venom's taken out of it and we can have bit of a laugh and that's what I'm looking forward to the most, I think.

"It's not about whether you can last five minutes or 90 minutes, it's about getting involved. There's nothing worse than having loads of energy and nowhere to spend it. We're very good at spending energy badly, heading down the pub etc, which can obviously have some negative effects. So it will be nice to use the energy in a positive way."

Speak Out is a local mental health charity started by two Weymouth locals and now run by a group of volunteers.

Knowing that people find it difficult to talk about their feelings and issues the page was set up in an online space where people could talk freely and openly about what they are going through.

The space gives people the chance to tell their stories or just have a moan about their rubbish day. Their long term aim is to bring people together to fight mental health.