Coronavirus: Dorchester student helping those self-isolating

Coronavirus: Dorchester student helping those self-isolating

Published by George Sharpe at 4:25pm 16th March 2020.

A student from Dorchester's offering to run errands for people who don't want to leave the house.

Bethan Miller, 21, is offering to help people worried about going outside, or those in self-isolation because of COVID-19.

She's offering to help run errands like shopping or even just walking the dogs completely free of charge.

Bethan said:

"In the holidays I haven't really got much to do. I'm not a high-risk person myself, neither is my family at home so I feel like I'm in quite a rare position where I've got all day free everyday.

"I can help people who aren't in that lucky position."

Dogs out for a walk

She's had a number of people offering to help her if she get's too many people asking.

A number of community groups have sprung up over the weekend offering similar support.

Bethan says people are starting to realise how many of us will need support:

"I think there was a bit of a strange time in the past few weeks where people weren't sure how to take it.

"It feels like we're just at the beginning of things maybe getting worse lockdown-wise.

"So, I think people have just woken up to the fact that it's actually quite a big deal and a lot of people will be needing help."

If you or someone you know are self-isolating and in need of support, you can contact Bethan here:

Phone: 07591089329


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