Collections for welfare boxes started in Weymouth

Collections for welfare boxes started in Weymouth

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:14am 20th March 2020.

The Veterans Hub in Weymouth have joined forces with a local pub and a taxi company to support vulnerable people in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

The hub itself is going to stay as open as long as it can to support local veterans, even if they have to close their doors to the public.

They say they will do that as long as volunteers are feeling well , and will try to run as normal as possible to continue to support local veterans and their families.

Former soldier Andy Price runs The Veterans Hub, he told Wessex FM they have recently started taking donations for the organisation 'Helping people around Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester.'

"Ourselves and the Belvedere Inn are collecting donations of food, toiletries, nappies, baby food, dog food, long life milk, dairy free products.

"We will either deliver them or send them on to the organisation.

"It's a team of volunteers going out and about, delivering goods to people that have been isolated due to the illness."

Andy says that there is no need to panic, as long as we carry on acting like a community and look after each other. 

"I would argue that we've been through worse in the past, to get through this, we need to listen to the advice that we're being given and to not panic about anything.

"Coming together as a community is what we're trying to promote, there's a lot of vulnerable people out there, people living by themselves, isolated people and we're just trying to take bit of pressure off them and the other services as well."

Andy also says that Weyline Taxis are arranging deliveries for people in need of items.

"Off the back of this in the community cafe that we run, we are inviting all emergency services to the cafe, they are all working around the clock at the moment and they are literally the front-line of this crisis. 

"Whether it's doctors, nurses, paramedics or police officers, whenever they need a break they can come down to the hub and we will give them free tea and coffee."

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'Facts about the Veterans Hub'

    • The Veterans Hub was set up in 2017 by Andy Price after being diagnosed with PTSD, following him spending over a decade as a British soldier and a Private Contractor in various countries such as the Middle East and Northern Africa. 
    • It's aim is to provide a safe and secure location for veterans and their families to come together to socialise in a safe setting in order to provide peer to peer support for each other.
    • Dorset has one of the highest concentration of Veterans in the UK, there is a lack of veteran related support in the county, in particular, the mental and physical health side.
    • In July 2018, the veteran's hub was taken on as a full-time project following several suicides over a short period of time. The hub is open to veteran six days a week.