Care home issues advise on staying in touch with loved ones

Care home issues advise on staying in touch with loved ones

Published by George Sharpe at 11:43am 23rd March 2020.

Agincare are finding ways for residents and families to keep in contact.

Public Health England and the Prime Minister have advised that during the coronavirus outbreak nobody should be visiting care homes unnecessarily.

Dorset-based care home Agincare are reassuring residents and families there are lots of ways to still keep in touch.



Vicky Bournsell-Brooks is a resident manager of Agincourt Care in Weymouth and she says that they are working hard to find ways around the issue.

"We always try to make sure that our homes are a home from home, so in affect whilst residents cant see their families in person, we are still one big family anyway and we are using that and pulling on that to reinforce us throughout this moment in time to remain a sense of calm and a sense of love, just feeling cared for and supported.

"It's so hard at the moment and I just want to reassure the general public on a personal note that as health care providers, we care deeply about the people we look after and we are doing our up most to keep those people safe."

Agincare are ensuring that there are lots of ways to keep in touch with family members.

Tim Buckley is the Chief Operating Officer of Agincare Homes Holdings and he says:

"We care for some of our communities' most vulnerable people, so we are following the very latest coronavirus guidance. However, we know how vital regular contact is for our residents and their families.

"Our care home workers will work in everyone's interests during unprecedented time, we will continue to monitor the situation and update our position as and when necessary.

"We have different ways for family carers and friends to be in touch with their loved ones."

Each of the care homes already has the following: 

  • Ipad or tablet for families to use for Skype, video conferencing or Facetime to maintain face to face contact or record messages to loved ones.
  • Family members can send in photographs, letters and notes.
  • Social media where families can message their loved ones or keep friends and families updated with photographs.
Portland Agincare Office

He also says that instead of having people from outside come and lead activities inside the home, the teams will be devising a way to keep residents engaged and entertained:

"One of our ideas to combat isolation is to encourage members of the public to become a pen pal with a care home resident. It would really brighten a resident's day to get a colourful postcard, giving them something to talk about and share with fellow residents."

The company manages more than 20 care and nursing homes all over the country, including Weymouth and its head office is based in Castletown on Portland.