Coronavirus: Dorchester taxi company offers home delivery

Coronavirus: Dorchester taxi company offers home delivery

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 21st March 2020.

A-Line Taxis are joining with local stores to offer home delivery from local stores.

A number of Dorchester shops announced plans to offer a delivery service to local residents earlier this week.

High street stores will be able to take phone deliveries to help vulnerable and elderly people access the shops amid the panic buying-induced supermarket shortages.

It comes as the government announced yesterday all cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants are to close across the UK, though they'll still be able to provide takeaway services.

Charlotte White, Director of A-Line taxis said:

"It's a hard time for everybody at the moment. Local business are struggling, certainly our trade is down.

"We hope that we can help people who are isolating, people who need extra support and we can do local deliveries for them.

"People need to keep things going where they possibly can, and certainly that involves lots of different people working together possibly in capacities that they wouldn't ordinarily expect to."

The scheme's being set up by Dorchester BID who are putting together a list of businesses offering home delivery.

It's an effort to support both vulnerable people and local businesses.

Phil Gordon, Manager of Dorchester BID said:

"If we can't find a way of supporting the businesses in the high street then who knows how many we'll have left to visit in a few months time when this all blows over.

"I feel it's good for everybody, it should help the residents of Dorchester. 

"It will help them by supporting the high streets of Dorchester. We'll keep as many shops and businesses alive through the difficult times ahead so that they'll be there for us all to enjoy into the future."

A-Line say there will be a flat charge of £5 per delivery in the Dorchester area, with an additional charge outside of that.