Prince of Wales School to live-stream lessons

Prince of Wales School to live-stream lessons

Published by Maria Greenwood at 9:08am 23rd March 2020. (Updated at 9:19am 23rd March 2020)

Schools are closed across Dorset today, but pupils who normally attend The Prince of Wales School in Dorchester will still be able to keep up with their studies.

The school have been using their online learning facilities for the last week, for children who were already in self-isolation. 

They are providing a daily schedule of recommended learning, with pupils able to join in if they want to and they can also take part in other learning activities.

Gary Spracklen
Gary Spracklen

Head Teacher Gary Spracklen says they have always has a digitally rich ethos:

"We've always loved using technology to engage, innovate and inspire learning and our remote setup is just an extension of that.

"We'll be streaming our lessons through our social media platforms and encouraging children to take part from home, I think it provides a real unique opportunity for our parents to become direct consumers of the lessons."

They are checking in with the children three times a day and are providing them with a number of challenges in between that time in which they can go off and explore.

Children in self-isolation last week were set a challenge to take part in a bubble-ology experiment to see if they could blow a bubble, inside a bubble, inside a bubble.

Virtual School POW

Gary says they introduced this through sending the children a video:

"We then encouraged children to go off and use materials that they have in the house to take part in the science experiment and then all the children shared their work back with us.

"Then we had a show 4 o'clock in the evening where we shared the results and had a discussion about it from a learning point of view.

"It's community wide learning and we've has a fantastic response from it so far, it's open to everyone not just the pupils in the school, we've had a great response from people across Weymouth and Portland who have joined in."

As the school already use technology in their learning, they have clear safeguarding policies in place with privacy statements and are offering support to families who don't have access to technology.

Gary says:

"No one wants school to be closed but we are where we are, and lets make the most of this opportunity for our community."