Dorset Council suspends some bin collection services

Dorset Council suspends some bin collection services

Published by George Sharpe at 1:56pm 30th March 2020.

A number of bin collection services have been suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Street and Dog Waste bins are among two of the low-priority  waste services that Dorset Council have reduced or cancelled.

They've redeployed workers to higher priority services, meaning there are a number of changes to their services.

Dorset Council are asking us to be extra vigilant in making sure we don't litter and take our rubbish home with us.

What's changing?

Bin collections will still be going ahead on your normal collection date, but there will be a number of changes otherwise.

  • Missed bins will not be collected until your next regular collection day. If your bins are missed, please bring them back in. 
  • Extra black bin rubbish will only be collected if your previous rubbish collection was missed.
  • Food waste will still be picked up weekly. You can also put out extra recycling provided it is separated correctly
Road sweeper
  • Street-cleansing, household recycling centres and recycling banks in car parks have also been suspended. 
  • Street and dog bins are not being emptied on a regular basis. NEVER place household waste in a street litter bin
  • Do not travel to a household recycling centre (HRC, or 'the tip') or any recycling bank in a car park as these are all now closed and are no longer being serviced. Any items left at these sites will not be cleared away and will be considered as fly-tipping.

Cllr Tony Alford, Dorset Council's portfolio holder for Customer, Community and Regulatory Services, said:

"We appreciate that these new measures will cause inconvenience and frustration for some people, but these are unprecedented times and the changes are vital. We need everyone to show patience and understanding and work together so we can keep collections going for as long as possible.

"Thank you to everyone supporting our front-line employees by following our guidance. We will monitor how things are going and take further action if we need to. In the meantime, please stay at home and keep an eye on our webpages, Facebook and Twitter accounts and local media for further updates."

Bin Drivers in Dorset could be getting a pay rise.

How can I make bin collection easier and safer?

Dorset Council have given some advice on what to do to make bin collections easier and safer during the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Remember to crush and flatten items (not glass) before throwing away, as this will help create space in your bins 
  • If you have symptoms of coronavirus, please double bag your waste and store for 72 hours before placing in your bin or blue sack.
  • Wash your hands both before putting your bins out and after taking them back in.
  • Rinse dirty rubbish and recycling items before placing in bins to reduce unpleasant odours.