Dorchester counsellor offers FREE telephone counselling

Dorchester counsellor offers FREE telephone counselling

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:09am 2nd April 2020.

A counsellor in Dorchester's offering free telephone counselling to people struggling in self-isolation due to coronavirus.

Keeping in touch with friends, family and work colleagues is a common recommendation for battling loneliness during the lockdown but many will still feel isolated.

Elizabeth Fahey says it's important that we have someone to open up to during the hard times we face.

"It's a time when we can't share our feelings, we can't hug each other."

She says sometimes not being able to talk to someone can even stop us sleeping at night.

"If something's stopping us sleeping at night, it needs to be dealt with. 

"If you're really worried about something and you haven't got anyone to talk it through with then I'm offering you the opportunity to talk it through with me."


Elizabeth who is a member of The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists says the offer's open to people struggling with mental health issues, who are finding isolation incredibly hard.

She  is also offering support for anyone who has been diagnosed or has a family member with the virus.

'Advise on how to look after your mental health' 

Dorset HealthCare say there are some steps you can follow to look after our mental health on our own during the crisis.

They advise:

1. Take back control - and be armed with the right facts and focus on what you can control
2. Focus on positive things that you know will help you - when you are feeling overwhelmed, like breathing techniques, mindfulness, drawing, playing music or talking to a friend. 
3. Try to stay active - and stick to a routine - try to get out once a day for some exercise but stay at least two metres (three steps) away from others.
4. Connect with people


'How to contact Elizabeth'

If you think you might benefit from Elizabeth's help, you can get in touch with her at