Weymouth Sea Life animals adapt to life without a crowd

Weymouth Sea Life animals adapt to life without a crowd

Published by George Sharpe at 4:45pm 2nd April 2020.

Seals who love an audience are making life easier for staff trying to check their health.

Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park is closed to visitors because of the coronavirus crisis, but the Animal Care Team are still needed to look after them.

The team's been split to reduce the number of people who are in contact with each other - to minimise the risk of people getting ill.

Day to day feeds and daily vet checks still need to be done, as well as checking all of the equipment.

Seals at Sea Life Weymouth
Seals have to have regular health checks at the park.

Emily Waller is part of the Animal Care team. She says one group on animals have noticed a slight difference:

"The main thing I would say I've noticed is the behavior of the seals. So when we'redoing the training they are slightly better behaved now they haven't got the distraction from the guest side.

"During training, a couple of them will play up to guests a little bit.

"Starburst is quite a cheeky character. She likes to get quite involved. So she's been slightly better behaved during training so we can check her over much easier.

"But most other animals are not really impacted to be honest."

The staff sticking to regular feed times to keep the animals in routine. The smallest Fairy Penguin chicks have to be fed four times a day.

But, the otters feeding time is slightly more varied to keep them on their toes and prevent them from coming to the side of the pool and asking for food.

Staff have been split into two teams and are scheduled to keep the two teams apart to prevent everyone getting ill at once.

What's on at the moment?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the park is closed to visitors but Weymouth Sea Life are still putting on educational talks, broadcast live over facebook.

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You can find out more from their Facebook page.