Dorset businessman unites 3D printers to help make PPE

Dorset businessman unites 3D printers to help make PPE

Published by Maria Greenwood at 6:01am 12th April 2020.

A Dorset company is bringing 3D printers together from across the country to make PPE masks for the NHS.

Tom Fearon's business 'Window Tinting UK' is currently closed due to COVID-19.

Tom came up with the idea to make masks when watching the news and saw medical staff wearing visors.

He wanted to make use of the rolls of film in his studio, so called on a friend in America to advise him on how he could best use the film to make a mask. 

Tom then put a message out on Facebook inviting other 3D printers in the area to join him.

From that he had a few printing hobbyists reply and a local business, who together created a design for a mask.  

Tom Fearon visor

4K Valeting, a local business owned by Kerry O'Brien provided him with head bands for the visors. 

Tom says that he wants to do more for the county:

"'I'm co-ordinating production with UK-wide 3D printer hobbyists, we're giving visors away free to NHS staff and helping provide logistic support, to help protect our NHS medical staff.

"We're focusing on GP surgeries in the Dorset-region to start with and will help out anyone in need, our no.1 aim is to print as many PPE masks as possible and have people in every UK county doing this."

They are still looking for other 3D printers to get involved, the team want to make 200 to 300 mask a week. 

This week they have sent kits to two GP practices and one minor injuries unit, along with 45 sterilised masks being donated to Dorset Healthcare workers.