Dorset Council explains which of their workers wear PPE

Dorset Council explains which of their workers wear PPE

Published by Maria Greenwood at 9:33am 14th April 2020.

Dorset Council trying to clear up any confusion over which of their staff wears PPE.

Dorset Council are trying to clear up any confusion over which of their staff wears PPE.

They say they are using national guidance.

The local authority says some residents may be in contact with council employees and are worried about the fact not everyone is wearing PPE.

Where social distancing or working remotely is not practical, that is where the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is considered.

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Sam Crowe, Director of Public Health for Dorset Council and BCP Council said:

"Coronavirus has not only changed the way in which we provide our services, but also the risks to which our frontline employees are exposed to.

"The safety of our frontline employees and residents is extremely important.

"We use national guidance together with our own risk assessments to make sure our employees can maintain essential services safely.

"You will see employees who are safe and well and who do not come into contact directly with residents, not wearing PPE and that is ok.

"Other council employees who are coming in to contact regularly with people carrying out care and support in the community will be wearing PPE."

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Where council employees are likely to come into close contact with people who have either contracted coronavirus or are showing possible symptoms, additional PPE may be required.

If this is the case, PPE can include – but is not limited to – face masks, disposable aprons/bibs, hand sanitiser and gloves.

Employees who are visiting or caring for residents in extremely vulnerable groups will always wear PPE, but will only wear a facemask if that vulnerable resident has either contracted coronavirus or is showing signs of possible symptoms.

Residents may see council employees such as home care workers and social workers who are visiting families wear PPE.

'Social distancing'

Some employees in our services such as crematoria services and registrations, where face-to-face contact is needed, will be following social distancing measures, such as keeping a distance of 2m where possible but will not be wearing PPE if they are well.

The council says it expects any employees who start to fall ill with symptoms of coronavirus to self-isolate and to not work or go out.

They say unlike NHS or medical staff, council staff are not generally in close proximity contact with members of the public for long periods of time.