Boy finds WW2 mug in Dorset stream

Boy finds WW2 mug in Dorset stream

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:23am 17th April 2020.

10-year-old Dylan Lammiman spotted the mug while out for his daily walk along the Winterbourne river in Winterborne Kingston.

The mug, which is believed to date back to 1945, was likely to have been used by American troops at a camp in Winterborne Whitechurch for shaving and washing.

Dylan said:

"I was on the side of the river and I saw it half submerged on the other side of the riverbank and it just had it's handle sticking out and I just pulled it out."

jungle mug

He's found other bits and pieces since, like a nickel spoon, and he's going back on his daily walks to see what else they can find.

As a history enthusiast, Dylan says he was very excited when he spotted the handle sticking out of the mud:

 "I sort of had an idea of what it was, I thought it was going to be an old fishing mug or something that was very interesting from World War 2.

"Because I didn't see the markings, I thought it could have been a fishing mug.

"When I realised what it was, we were really excited."

dylan and mug

The mug has markings on its base that are still visible, dating it to 1945 near the end of World War 2.


Above it bears the inscription: 



Dylan's mum, Hannah Lammiman says they've not been able to get a professional opinion on the mug because of the lockdown but Dylan's looking forward to talking to someone once it's over.

Hannah says it's nice to be able to learn while getting their daily exercise:

"Not everyone wants to do academic stuff and it's hard to push the kids to do that so it's really nice.

"The simple things in life really are the best ways to teach your children."