Dorset Council want our help spotting fly-tipping

Dorset Council want our help spotting fly-tipping

Published by George Sharpe at 1:17pm 17th April 2020.

We're being asked to help Dorset Council tackle fly-tipping during the pandemic.

Initial figures don't show an increase, but that could be down to fewer people spotting and reporting waste. 

Household recycling centre are currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cllr Tony Alford, Dorset Council’s portfolio holder for Customer, Community and Regulatory Services, said:

"Now more than ever, we need people to keep us informed when they spot fly-tips. We want residents to help us by keeping their waste to one side until things get back to normal, and to check who they're handing their waste to.

Dorchester Recycling Centre 1
Dorchester Recycling Centre is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We know the temporary closure of household recycling centres is likely to cause a rise in fly-tipping, so we're keeping a close eye on the situation, reviewing central government guidance and planning every day so we can re-open the HRCs at the earliest opportunity.

"But there are no excuses for fly-tipping. It's unsightly and damaging to the environment. We all have a part to play in stopping this anti-social behaviour and by working together I know we can make a positive impact.

"It's also worth noting that Dorset Police are still out on the roads at this time checking where people are travelling to and may have some questions if they look in a vehicle and find waste that would typically be dropped at an HRC."


Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and could land you with a fine of up to £50,000 or even 12 months in prison. If you're tried at a Crown Court then it could be even higher, with an unlimited fine and up to 5 years behind bars.

Rubbish you've handed to someone else is still your legal responsibility until it is correctly disposed of, meaning you could end up in court for giving your waste to someone unlicensed.

They're asking us to make sure we report a fly tip and don't assume they've already been told about it. 

You can find out how to do that on their website.