Can you help the Dorchester Scrub Hub?

Can you help the Dorchester Scrub Hub?

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:24am 27th April 2020. (Updated at 8:53am 27th April 2020)

Three friends from Dorchester have come together to make scrubs for frontline workers.

Nicky Ranson, Gemma Sterling and Anya Pearson are all sewing for part of a movement that started in London. 

They are making scrubs, scrub caps and laundry bags for front line workers, including local GP surgeries and health centres.

So far, they've made hundreds of caps, laundry bags and currently have a back order of 25 scrub sets, but they are appealing for more cotton and funding to buy fabric.

dorchester scrub hub

The group expect that number to double once the care homes start to put their orders in. 

Anya says they are in desperate need of more help: 

"We've had an amazing response so far, from volunteers right across the county, but we need sewers that have a flat lock machine and an over locker. 

"Domestic machines are great to help make bags and caps but scrubs need to be made with an the over locker machine, because of the stitch.

"we've bought out all of Steve Bane's 100% cotton fabric, we just anyone that can help make scrubs now."

dorchester scrub hub

The group started the hub because they knew there was a personal need for scrubs.

Anya told Wessex FM:

"We were being asked to make scrubs sets by people locally, by our own doctors surgeries for help.

"We just thought right we're going to set this up ourselves and that's what we did."


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