Bridport mum raises £3,000 for community hospital

Bridport mum raises £3,000 for community hospital

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 2nd May 2020. (Updated at 12:11am 2nd May 2020)

A mum from Bridport's raised £3,000 for her local hospital with the help of her children.

A local mum from Bridport has set up a COVID-19 fundraiser for the NHS staff at Bridport Community Hospital.

Amy Gibbs set up the appeal to show that the people of Bridport are supporting the NHS through this difficult time.

She said:

“The Bridport Community Hospital doesn’t have its own fundraising team, so I thought I’d set up an appeal on crowd funder after speaking to them.

“With the help of social media, the campaign has been popular throughout the community and we’ve managed to raise over £3,000 so far.

“We’ve already directed lots of supplies to the hospital, it will be a real boost of morale and encourage them to keep going.”

Bridport Hospital Staff
Staff are thanking Amy and everyone else who donated to the cause.

Amy’s been contacted by several people that want to put a smile on the faces of hospital staff as a result of the appeal.

For instance, one local jewellery company is going to handcraft 30 pairs of earrings as gifts for NHS staff at the hospital.  

A local catering company has been in touch to say that they’d like to cater for a Christmas party for the staff.

Amy also wanted to do something a bit different so made a video and got her children involved.

She said:

“They danced to the song Reach by S Club 7 and it looks like they are throwing a teddy bear to each other.

“It’s been really popular online, it’s helped raise awareness of our campaign, I did the video because I thought it would a bit of fun and it would raise awareness of our campaign and everyone had lots of fun doing it.”

Amy is asking the community of Bridport to show their appreciation to all the dedicated staff including porters, cleaning staff, cooks, receptionists, doctors, health care assistants and nurses.

Money raised will go towards:

  • Drinks and snacks for their breaks.
  • Handcream, as they do a lot of handwashing, particularly frontline staff.
  • Christmas meal, as the staff usually have to pay for their own.
  • Lip balms and other self-care products to boost health and well-being.

To donate to the appeal visit their crowdfunding website.