Weymouth family run a marathon in their home

Weymouth family run a marathon in their home

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:38am 5th May 2020.

A family in Weymouth have taken on a marathon during lockdown, without leaving their home.

Liz Rowe, her husband and three children took part in the 2.6 challenge to raise money for Dorset Mind.

Liz is a trustee of the charity and wanted to raise funds and awareness of the struggle for funding which local charities now face due to the restrictions.

Usually the family would do a bake sale or set up a sale in their driveway but due to the COVID-19 lockdown, they had to think of something different to do.

That's when they decided to run a marathon, in their living room. 

rowes marathon challenge

Luckily the family got hold of a treadmill before lockdown, Liz says she kicked off the challenge by running five miles with her dogs.

"I wanted to get the family going, but after that all took it in turns to run on the treadmill, we each took it in turns to run.

"My two youngest children ran a mile each, then my eldest ran two, my husband completed six miles and then I ran 17.2, I accidentally ran an extra mile."

liz rowe marathon 2

They set up a donation page with a target of £500.

Liz said:

"We've hit the target and we've got the gift aid donation on top of that, so we are super grateful, the page is still open if people would like to donate."

She says the money will Help Dorset Mind still provide particular services:

"Whilst everything's been moved online, people think that operating costs have been reduced, the amount of income that the charities are getting has been lowered because people aren't at work and they aren't in education. 

"I chose the charity because mental health affects us all, we are all impacted. Some of our daily habits and the things we do have been taken away from us - for a very good reason.

"But it's important that we open our own minds and views to how we can support each other."

liz rowe marathon 3