Portland Port remains open for business

Portland Port remains open for business

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:36am 6th May 2020.

Portland Port says it remains open for business despite the coronavirus pandemic having a major impact in the maritime industry.

2020 was meant to be a record-breaking year for the Port, which planned to dock 44 cruises carrying more than 75,000 passengers.

The last cruise ship docked at Portland in March, and its uncertain when cruising will restart.

Ports are vitally important to the United Kingdom as they facilitate 95% of the country's trade and ensure that UK markets have the products needed to keep the country running.

Portland Port

Despite the port remaining open, cruises have been cancelled and many of the port's staff are working from home in line with the lockdown restrictions.

Difficulties in other industries are also slowing traffic to the port. For instance, a slump in construction during the lockdown has seen a suspension in cement imports. Although, that will start again this week.

A spokesperson for the Port said they're still preparing to get going again as soon as they can:

"Whilst the port may not be bustling, it continues to vigorously promote itself to the wider industry and prepare and plan for the future, an essential process for when the UK and the rest of the world starts the long road to recovery."

ships in weymouth bay

The cruise ships may not be carrying out their normal transit calls at Portland Port, but they have been seen at anchor in Weymouth Bay.  

Portland Port claims this is due to cruise lines looking for the lowest cost options to park their ships, and Weymouth Bay provides free anchorages .

The ships do not have any passengers on board and have been moving to and from the port of Southampton.  

A spokesman said: 

"Portland Port has offered its support to the whole of the cruise industry and it is hoped that it will see some vessels in harbour waters at some point."