Dorset Police thank residents for sticking to lockdown rules

Dorset Police thank residents for sticking to lockdown rules

Published by Maria Greenwood at 9:51am 8th May 2020.

Dorset Police are thanking residents in the county for co-operating with the government's lockdown restrictions.

The force says the way people are responding to officers when they engage with them out and about is "fantastic."

Chief Constable, James Vaughan  told Wessex FM as well as the public taking the right approach to lockdown, so are Dorset police:

"I've set very clear expectations of my officers and staff, I've asked them to be compassionate, kind and to use their judgement and discretion.

"Martyn Underhill (Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner) and I speak to our MP's and leaders of the council every week.

"We take feedback from them and their constituents, so we're getting a good feel [For what's going on] and the public are responding well."

James Vaughan

Dorset's Chief Constable (pictured above) says the county is being very compliant.

"We could not have policed this operation without the good public of Dorset and a big thank you from me on that."

"The main strategy the force uses, are the three E's, Engage, Explain and (only where absolutely necessary) Enforce. 

"We've been putting videos out on social media and as much information to try and help the people of the county understand what they can and can't do."

Weymouth beach almost empty

'Stay at home'

Dorset Police are reinforcing the stay at home message and asking people not to get complacent.

Chief Constable James Vaughan said:

"The key message of stay home, save the NHS and save lives is very much still there, if there is a change to that position next week then we will adapt to that."

Dorset Police are part of the Strategic Coordinating group which has all the senior officials from Dorset's public authorities and agencies. 

They are meeting on Monday afternoon at 4:30pm, to adapt and change the rules, to fit the governments message.  

police stopping vehicles in Dorset
Police stopping vehicles coming into Dorset

'This weekend'

Dorset Police are still concerned that people will come to the county's beaches and beauty spots over the weekend.

They will be focusing on the main routes and roads coming into Dorset and sending them back home. 

Where appropriate people will be fined, because as far as Dorset Police are concerned, the county's tourism is closed for business.