Group who claim lockdown is illegal plan mass gathering in Weymouth

Group who claim lockdown is illegal plan mass gathering in Weymouth

Published by Maria Greenwood at 12:45pm 14th May 2020.

A group who claim lockdown restrictions are illegal are attempting to hold a mass gathering in Weymouth.

The UK Freedom Movement are planning picnics and live music and are encouraging people to show up.

The anti-vaxxing group are asking people to “say no to the new normal and have some fun.”

Other events are being planned in Bournemouth, Southampton and around the country.

Dorset Police say they are aware and are liaising with local authorities.

They have issued this statement to Wessex FM:

“We are reminding individuals of their responsibilities in adhering to current Government advice to stop the infection rate from rising. 

“The Government has prohibited by law all public gatherings of more than two people, except for people from the same household.

“It is vital that everyone continues to act responsibly in public places, as the large majority have done. 

police weymouth town centre

“In keeping the coronavirus under control, we are protecting the NHS and saving lives.
“Anyone not following the Government regulations will be given advice around current social distancing measures and will be dispersed.

“We will continue to use discretion and to engage, explain and encourage. 

“Where necessary, and only as a last resort, our officers can issue fines, which the Government has increased to now start at £100.”