Volunteers delivering essentials to Crossways vulnerable isolators

Volunteers delivering essentials to Crossways vulnerable isolators

Published by George Sharpe at 1:20pm 14th May 2020. (Updated at 1:31pm 14th May 2020)

Over 50 volunteers in Crossways have pulled together to look after those who are vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 'Crossways Residents info' Facebook group offers support to locals with meals, daily newspaper deliveries and regular phone calls to those self-isolating.

Local businesses are also helping out, including Lizzie Baking Bird, Jurassic Coast Farm Shop and the Dorset Carers Hub. 

Lizzie Baking Bird has been putting together food parcels of bread that get distributed around the village.

She makes 5 to 20 parcels a day, free of charge.


Sam Bartlett helps run the group. She said:

"We've even got people that are having to shield themselves, that are volunteering just to phone other people just for a chat.

"It's been incredible. I've managed to speak to, especially over the phone, so many people that I just wouldn't have been able to speak to before really."

"It's all been very positive, everybody just wishes they could give everybody a hug."

The group has nearly 1,200 members including 15-year-old Brandon Samways who gets up early every day to deliver papers around Crossways.

If any request becomes too much for the group to handle, they're referring people to other agencies that might be able to help, such as Social Services or Age UK. 

They're looking forward to a time when the group can meet up without social distancing once the pandemic is over. 

They're planning a get together for all of the people who have volunteered since the start.

How can I get in touch?

If you live in or around Crossways and need help you can contact the team on:

  • crosswaysresidentsinfo@yahoo.com
  • 07919620428
  • 07852460004

You can also find out more about volunteering from the group's Facebook page or at www.corona-helpers.co.uk