A Dorchester school's colourful welcome back

A Dorchester school's colourful welcome back

Published by Maria Greenwood at 3:46pm 1st June 2020.

Staff from the Prince of Wales first school in Dorchester have dressed in bright colours to welcome their students back.

Today, schools across Dorset welcomed back their reception, year one and year six children after social distancing rules were relaxed.

On Wednesday the 18th March, it was announced that schools in England would officially close on Friday 20th March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

For their opening this morning, the Prince of Wales Primary school, gave their children a colourful welcome.

Head teacher, Gary Spracklen dressed up in a rainbow suit and wore a feather head piece.

Photo of Prince of Wales First School

He says they're following government guidelines and maintaining a child focus approach at the school:

"As we welcomed back a small number of children today, we did so dressed in bright colours, playing welcoming music with lots of bubbles floating through the air.

"We're also continuing to support those children remaining at home, with a full and varied virtual school programme that includes weekly phone calls, weekly physical resource delivery packs and daily live broadcasts.

"We remain committed to our, your child, your choice ethos, and we'll continue to do everything we can to support our community through this challenging time."