Campaign launched to keep Dorset's beaches clean

Campaign launched to keep Dorset's beaches clean

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:10am 2nd June 2020.

As crowds flocked to Dorset's beaches at the weekend, huge amounts of litter was left behind.

Litter Free Coast and Sea and Litter Free Dorset have now joined forces to call on us to keep Dorset Clean.

Stuart Beckingham from Litter Free Coast and Sea says they've seen a dramatic change in the photo's people are sharing now, compared to pictures shared during lockdown.

He told Wessex FM:

"In lockdown, those that were lucky enough to live within walking distance of the beauty spots were sharing pictures of pristine beaches and parks. 

"Now lockdown is easing, we're seeing much higher levels of litter coming back on to the beaches, to stop this, we want people to share their beauty spot images from lockdown and use the #keepitclean.

"This is to raise awareness and to remind people to keep the areas clean."

KeepItClean - Swanage - Credit Sarah Spurling
KeepItClean - Swanage

The Litter Free Teams say you can help by doing the these things:

  • Take your litter home, use bins provided or pack a #litterfreepicnic.
  • Share photos of local hot spots with the #keepitclean on your social media.
  • Tag your accounts so they can share your pictures too.

At the moment there are many messages that people have to remember, such as #ThinkTwice, about visiting Dorset's beaches and beauty spots.

But Stuart said they want locals and visitors to also remember #KeepItClean.

"Our natural environment is one of the biggest assets we have, that's why so many people want to come here and enjoy it, as well as, our local people. 

"Also reminding them to be responsible, by taking their litter home.

"It's important for our health and wellbeing to enjoy these natural spaces and it's important economically to be able to attract people here."