Will hairdressers reopen on the 4th July?

Will hairdressers reopen on the 4th July?

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:53am 3rd June 2020.

Wessex FM has been speaking to a salon and barbers in Weymouth to find out how they're preparing to come out of lockdown.

Hairdressers and barbers are one of the only businesses left to be given a date to reopen by the government.

They are likely to be among the last, due to the extensive health and safety measures they have to put in place. 

Wessex FM spoke to Nicki Cattell who owns Changing Grooms and Vintage Barbers in Weymouth.

Changing Grooms and Vintage Barbers 3
Nicki Cattell and her team before lockdown.

She told us they are hoping to reopen from Saturday 4th July:

"If we're allowed to still open on that day, we'll have a staff training day because we need to make sure that our staff know the new work policies and safety procedures, to make sure that our customers are safe.

"We will therefore be aiming to open for Monday the 6th July."

Nicki has taken lots of health and safety training courses throughout the lockdown and has even paid to have her salon refitted to make sure her customers feel safe.

"Luckily, I have two floors to work on, so I am going to split my staff up, I'll be working on the top floor in the barbers.

"Then the two stylists and apprentice will be working downstairs in the hairdressers.

"Normally the apprentice would be washing hair, and making drinks for people, but the guidelines have recommended that the same person cutting the hair should to do that."

Changing Grooms and Vintage Barbers 4

Nicki said she won't be accepting walk-ins and appointments have to be booked in advanced:

"We have a thermometer so you can just zap people when they come in, to make sure they don't have a temperature.

"We will be sending people a text before they come in to make sure they, or anyone in their household have not got any COVID-19 symptoms.

"There will also be a sanitising unit in the hallway. At the moment I only have two wash basins and can only use one of them as it takes about 15 minutes to clean each one after a wash.

"I've ordered some furniture and I am going to get that fitted this month, it will mean we can rotate the chair round to get your hair washed and cut in the same place. "

Changing Grooms and Vintage Barbers 1

If one of Nicki's staff contracts COVID-19 then the salon has to shut for 14 days and everyone who's had a haircut will need to go into self-isolation. 

"The apprentice will be checking the clients are safe before they come in, taking a questionnaire, their temperature and giving them gloves and a mask."

At the moment the hairdressing industry isn't regulated, and Nicki would like to see that changed.

She said:

"Anyone can work in a salon and cut hair at the moment and charge for it and people don't realise it, they think just because you're working in a salon you are qualified. 

"I'm a state registered senior hairdresser and barber, I've registered to make sure that I can provide my customers with the highest quality standard of training and hygiene.

"We want to be recognised as providing the top service for our clients and staff."