2,000 people sign up with Volunteer Centre Dorset to help during Covid-19

2,000 people sign up with Volunteer Centre Dorset to help during Covid-19

Published by Maria Greenwood at 6:36pm 3rd June 2020. (Updated at 6:37pm 3rd June 2020)

It's National Volunteers week and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, people in Dorset have still been dedicating their time to volunteer throughout the county.

At the beginning of the pandemic, more than 2,000 people signed up to the Volunteer Centre Dorset website to become volunteers during the lockdown.

Marie Waterman Manager of the Volunteer Centre Dorset said:

"The volunteers have been incredible, helping all over the county. They helped with the meeting and greeting, with the opening of the recycling centres across Dorset.

"People are just, they're just amazing, they've stepped up to whatever we've asked really. They've been helping people who have been shielding and needed to self-isolate.

"Even though we are in strange times, an amazing amount of volunteering is going on every day across Dorset."

Volunteers have been supporting by providing food, collecting shopping and prescriptions, dog walking and daily telephones calls. 

Marie said this has made a big practical difference to people's lives, as it means somebody has food and a meal for that day. 

"It's made a massive difference to people during the crisis, the people need help have 100% been so appreciative and so grateful.

"Some people have run out of food, or their pets have and they need medication, without that help, they would be really struggling, it's been essential."

The Volunteer Centre Dorset would like to thank their volunteers for everything they've done throughout the pandemic.

Marie said: 

"Normally we would have celebrations, get togethers, cream teas and we'd see people face to face and be able to thank them.

"But what we want to do is say a massive thank you to everybody that's helping, whether it's their neighbour of with the volunteer centre. 

"We wouldn't have been able to manage in Dorset without the volunteers, I truly believe that we've kept people well and safe and enabled our NHS to manage the way they have because of the system we have in place and the work of our amazing volunteers."