Dorset has 6th highest drowning fatality rate

Dorset has 6th highest drowning fatality rate

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 13th June 2020.

Families from Dorset are being urged to improve their water safety knowledge after statistics showed the county is 6th highest for drowning fatalities.

As part of Drowning Prevention Week this year, people are being asked to learn basic water safety and rescue skills.

Andrea Mackown is from the Royal Life Saving Society UK, she said: 

"The campaign was set up by us seven years ago and has been a very successful, especially at this time of year where we feel it's crucial, for young families to think about safety around water. 

"Dorset and the area surrounding have a lot of beautiful coastline and beaches, lots of opportunity for people to enjoy the water, that is why it's become the 6th highest in the UK for fatalities in Drowning."

Weymouth Beach
There's a warning to be careful if you're swimming in the sea as Dorset's lifeguards are not yet operating a full service.

In the last five years, Dorset has had 70 water fatalities.

Andrea said the number of people who drowned in 2019 fell by 29% but the county still ranks as the 6th highest in the UK.

"With lockdown this year it means that there aren't as many beach patrols out. 

"Even though we hope those open back up soon, it's important for families to think about their own safety, become your own lifeguard, take responsibility for you and your family."

"But this year because of lockdown, we're allowing anyone to go on to our website, download the resources learn at home and share with family and friends to make sure you can keep everybody safe."

You can access resources on their website.