Dorset charities worried they may not last a year

Dorset charities worried they may not last a year

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 13th June 2020.

Dorset Community Action's found that many charities don't think they'll be in business this time next year.

Two-thirds of the charities in Dorset don't think they'll survive financially over the next year.

Charities and voluntary sector groups rely on vital fundraising, which has all but vanished during the COVID-19 crisis.

Alex Picot, Chief Executive, Dorset Community Action said:

"The Covid-19 crisis is impacting our working communities disproportionately hard, and it is our small community organisations that can best support those most disadvantaged by this crisis in your community.  

"Do consider supporting your local organisations in whatever way you can.  

"They need your support more than ever."

Money wallet

Dorset Community Foundation is running its Coronavirus Community Fund to help to meet the funding needs of the community and charitable groups across Dorset. Donations made to DCF will be allocated to groups across the county.

Grant Robson, Foundation Director, Dorset Community Foundation said:

"Thanks to our partners and local philanthropists we are providing vital funding to local charities and community groups.

The local voluntary sector has proven once again that they so vital to supporting disadvantaged local people and we all have to ensure that the sector remains strong and effective both for now and the future" 

So far the Foundation has awarded over £173,000 to 57 groups across the county.

You can find out more information about the fund here.