Two GP practices in Dorset to merge

Two GP practices in Dorset to merge

Published by Maria Greenwood at 9:23am 18th June 2020.

The GP partners of Tollerford Practice in Maiden Newton and Beaminster have announced they are merging with Bridport Medical Centre. 

The two practices will come under one contract at the beginning of 2021.

It's after they made the decision to join back in 2019, which was sparked by the departure of Dr Tingay and Dr Reese.

Dr Blair from Bridport Medical Centre said: 

"We see this as a very positive and constructive move forwards.  

"Joining forces offers many benefits to patients and practices alike.  

"As a bigger organisation we will be more sustainable, more attractive to recruiting new clinicians, offering increased opportunities for clinical and non-clinical staff and greater access for patients to the skills within the combined GP and nursing teams."

Patients registered with Tollerford Practice and Bridport Medical Centre do not need to do anything to continue receiving care as normal and there will be no changes to how appointments are made.

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Any current treatments, medications or investigations will not be affected by the plans to merge.

Dr Kate Lanary from Tollerford Practice said: 

"As we move out of the current COVID-19 pandemic we need to look at how we continue to work differently - for example making better use of technology - in order to keep patients and staff safe. 

"The decision to merge allows us to do this better by sharing our expertise for the benefits of registered patients whilst at the same time helping both practices work in a greener and smarter way, for example using e-Consult forms to triage patients more quickly to the care they need, or cutting down on travel by carrying out video or telephone consultations."

'Further Information'

Regular updates will be published on the practice websites and emails will be sent to patients whose email address they already have. 

If you haven't given your email address but would like to be included on the emails, please contact your practice and give them your details.  

A letter has been sent to patients informing them of the merger, it gives asks them to contact the practice if they have any further queries.