New state-of-the-art CT scanner installed at Dorset County Hospital

New state-of-the-art CT scanner installed at Dorset County Hospital

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:41am 19th June 2020.

A new state-of-the-art CT scanner has been installed at Dorset County Hospital and is the first of its kind across the whole of the south.

The new scanner is more patient friendly as it has the ability to perform scanning in a way that was not previously possible. 

It's the latest technology available and only the second one to be installed in the country. 

How the new scanner will help: 

  • Wrist and elbow scans will be performed the patient sitting down, rather than lying in an awkward position.
  • Imaging can be performed in 4D.
  • Cardiac scans can be acquired in a single heartbeat.
  • Kidney stones can be located, and the stone can be determined, allowing better treatment.
  • The scanner can produce 'heat maps' giving radiologists a better understanding of where blood clots are located.
New CT Scanner - Pulmonary Angiogram

Lead CT Radiographer at Dorset County Hospital is Simon Jones, he said: 

"We are absolutely thrilled to have this piece of technology at the Trust. It will make an incredible difference to our patients - it is much more patient friendly.

"It is the most advanced CT scanner you can buy, and it has so many functions that weren't available to us before."

The scanner is called 'Canon Medical's Aquilian ONE PRISM CT' and launched in the UK this year, it cost more than £1million and it was funded through a government and capital programme.

Further development is scheduled for the hospital's Diagnostic Imaging Department to allow for two changing rooms and cannulation room.