Dorset Councillor spat and sworn at directing Lulworth traffic

Dorset Councillor spat and sworn at directing Lulworth traffic

Published by George Sharpe at 4:27pm 25th June 2020.

A Dorset Councillor says she and other volunteers were abused while directing traffic at Lulworth yesterday.

Laura Miller's been calling for better behaviour from visitors who abused her and other volunteers while trying to direct visitors away from packed car parks.

Visitors to the Lulworth Estate are currently being asked to pre-book their parking spaces. Roadblocks are being set up once all the spots are taken.

Laura Miller told her followers in a Facebook Live that she had been spat at and sworn at by those being turned away.

Laura said: 

"I have been sworn at, I have been spat at, I have been abused because a family drove from Peterborough with three children in the back who were very, very cross at being told the place was full.

"It's just heartbreaking because we want people to come here. It's lovely in the summer when it's busy and there's life. 

"It was always like that when I was a kid. I was nice, it's really quiet in the winter and everyone looked forward to the summer.

"And now we just feel trapped".

Durdle Door rubbish

Over 30 black bags worth of rubbish left on the beach yesterday that volunteers collected.

Laura says she still wants visitors to come, but they should be better behaved.


The UK is currently experiencing the hottest temperatures it's had all year, with highs breaching 30 degrees in places - driving many to the beach.

BCP Council has declared a major incident in Bournemouth after thousands flock to the beach today.

There are reports of illegal parking, littering and aggressive behaviour.