Neville the pig finally gets a new home

Neville the pig finally gets a new home

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:55am 26th June 2020.

It's been five years since Neville the Pig arrived at Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre in Church Knowle and he's finally found his forever home.

Neville the Kune, Kune cross Vietnamese pot-bellied pig arrived at the centre back in 2014 as a piglet. 

When he first arrived, he learnt to respond to clicker training and would sit and weave between his carer's legs.

Donna Vincent is the Fundraising and Marketing assistant at Margaret Green Animal Rescue, she told Wessex FM:

"Neville was certainly a character, we loved having him at the rescue centre, he'd been with us for five years, so he certainly made an impact on us and he always let us know he was there with his little grunts and snuffles.

"Basically, Neville came to us as a piglet and initially we had to see how he fed, what he needed and eventually we thought he would be better off finding a permanent home where he could have all the love and attention that he needed."

Neville the pig  going home (16)

Neville loved to chat with the visitors and staff at the Animal Rescue Centre, Donna said he also loved a good scratch with a broom from his carers.

"He became something of a star, as he was an animal looking for a forever home and eventually the right home was found for him and that's what the important thing is for us."

Neville has been rehomed locally in Dorset, so he won't be too far away from the Rescue Centre.

"The new owner has made a lovely home for him and they are going to keep in touch and let us know how he's getting on. We think he'll be very happy having all the one to one care he needs. 

"We really are going to miss Neville I mean we're thrilled to bits that he has found the forever home that he deserves although he was very cared for on-site, it was important for us that he found somewhere that he could be a happy pig and have all the things that he needed.

"I'm sure there were a few tears shed when he left site but, we're just really pleased that he's got his home and that's what we're all about, is rehoming the animals and of course it does mean that we may be able to take in further pigs in the future and look after them."

neville the pig back
Happy end to the tail...