Greenhill rafts WON'T sail again this year

Greenhill rafts WON'T sail again this year

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 27th June 2020.

Greenhill's swimming rafts won't be making a comeback this year.

The RNLI's announced they won't be providing full lifeguard provision at Greenhill because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Both the lifeguards and rafts will be back at Greenhill next summer. 

A spokesperson from the RNLI said, sadly they are not in a position to provide full provision in the area, as they are still operating during a pandemic and the risks of COVID-19 are still present. 

"There continues to be a high demand for PPE across the UK and they need to ensure that there is sufficient levels for our lifeboat crew and lifeguards to protect them from infection. 

"There is also a limit to the level of recruitment and training that can be delivered. This had to be paused at the end of March and, while it has restarted, they are unable to reach normal levels to cover all beaches."

A full lifeguard service for Weymouth Central beach started on 13th June and continue for the rest of the summer, which was agreed by Weymouth Town Council and the RNLI.