Weymouth Hotels prepare to reopen to tourists

Weymouth Hotels prepare to reopen to tourists

Published by George Sharpe at 12:01am 28th June 2020.

Hotels and B&B's in Weymouth are preparing to reopen for the first time in over three months. 

On Tuesday 23rd May, Boris Johnson announced that from the 4th July hospitality, including hotels and B&B's could reopen. 

Richard Amphlett is the Deputy Chairperson for the Weymouth Guest House Association. He owns the Cavendale Guest House in Weymouth.

He's been doing everything he can to prepare for the reopening on 4th July since the announcement was made.

"This summer there will be a lot more organisation needed, the social distancing COVID-19 preparation planning will be paramount to gain our customers confidence. 

"Weymouth hotels have been severely affected by the virus, as has the whole of Weymouth and I think to survive, hotels will have to provide a whole new range of services."

the Cavendale
The Cavendale is among hotels getting ready to reopen next weekend.

Richard says they are excited to be opening again and to welcome guests:

"Personally, I feel opening again will have a positive effect and hopefully the season will last longer, Lockdown's been very worrying not knowing how long it will last as we still have bills and rent to pay."

For many of the hotels in Weymouth, most of their business is during the summer but Richard says opening now, after being closed for three months, is like starting from scratch:

"Implementing the social distancing rules is something we haven't had to do before, this may be tricky in some of the smaller guest houses.

"It's brought us to a grinding halt as we've been unable to trade, people haven't been booking as they weren't sure when we'd be reopening again.

"The guest house association is very concerned as to how we would be able to trade into the next season, but we think Weymouth will still be a go to destination for tourists."

Hotels and B&B's have been told to implement government guidelines, here are just some of the rule's guests will have to follow:

  • Guests will have to go straight to their rooms as soon as they arrive, inside the room will be their key, a COVID-19 disclaimer sheet and registration form.
  • Guests will be asked to respect social distancing rules when in the hotel. 
  • Soft furnishings have been removed from the rooms, to help reduce the chance of contamination. 
  • Sanitising stations have been placed in the entrance, lobby and landings.
  • If guests want breakfast, it will be room service only, with recyclable and biodegradable consumables.
  • Single rooms with shared bathroom facilities have been closed off to minimise cross contamination.