High number of complaints about flies in Dorset

High number of complaints about flies in Dorset

Published by George Sharpe at 12:02am 27th June 2020. (Updated at 1:52am 27th June 2020)

Dorset Council's Environmental Protection Team have received a high number of complaints about flies.

Over the last couple of weeks, people have been experiencing an invasion of flies in their homes.

A spokesperson from the council said: 

"Dorset Council doesn't offer a pest treatment service. Professional help is available, and details can be found on the internet, trade or business directory. 

"It is advisable to get more than one quote and to check that the company undertaking the work is competent. In severe cases, our officers will investigate and provide advice."

There's a number of ways you can reduce the number of flies in your house. It's important to keep your home clean and take extra care not to leave food out, which could become contaminated. 

Venus Fly Trap

To treat affected rooms, you can use the following:

  • Flying insect spray
  • Flytraps
  • Solid block insecticides
  • Ultraviolet electric killers

The council advises that people investigate any other sources in or near their properties that could be causing the problem.

Flies could be near your home due to the presence of an animal carcass, where they may have laid eggs.

The following could attract flies: 

  • Dead animals like rodents in building space in properties
  • Standing water in plants, flies may lay eggs in there
  • Damp soil beneath rotting leaves
  • Large flies like to gather in lofts and porch areas.