Disposable BBQ's banned from council beaches, gardens and woodland in Bridport and West Bay

Disposable BBQ's banned from council beaches, gardens and woodland in Bridport and West Bay

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:59am 30th June 2020.

Fires are going to be banned on land owned by Bridport Town Council.

That means you won't be able to use disposable BBQ's in public parks, gardens, on beaches AND in public woodland in Bridport and West Bay.

Town councillors agreed the ban after a long period of dry weather which saw two serious fires at Wareham Forest, and two further incidents at Asker Meadows in Bridport.

BBQs in Wareham Forest
BBQs in Wareham Forest

Bridport Town Council Leader Cllr Dave Rickard said:

"Our main concern is the irresponsible use of disposable barbecues. We have seen two cases in Bridport recently where they were left unattended and still alight, and had it not been for a swift response from the Fire Service we could have seen very serious consequences. 

"It is staggering that a minority have played 'fast and loose' with public safety and have caused us to have to implement this ban."

The ban is effective immediately and will stay in force indefinitely, although there will be some exceptions. 

Town Clerk Will Austin said:

"Where we've already given permission, such as on our allotments or for specific events, this will continue. We'll look at new requests, but obviously given recent incidents we'll want absolute assurances about safety."

The Council is also calling on owners of other publicly accessible land in Bridport to consider a ban. 

Cllr Rickard said:

"Dorset Council has agreed a similar prohibition on its land but there are large areas of privately-owned land locally that are open to the public and could be vulnerable." 

The Town Council and Dorset Council bans cover all public parks, gardens, beaches, car parks in Bridport and West Bay, and most publicly accessible meadows and woodland. 

Mr Austin said:

 "We will erect some signs but we won't be publishing a definitive list of land covered by the ban. Members of the public should simply assume that the lighting of barbecues and other fires in the area is not allowed."