Harbourside business owner says Weymouth traffic will get worse

Harbourside business owner says Weymouth traffic will get worse

Published by Maria Greenwood at 1:25pm 9th July 2020. (Updated at 1:54pm 9th July 2020)

"It's just going to get worse as we get further into the summer" - That's one harbourside business owner's response to the traffic on Weymouth Seafront.

Dorset Council made the decision to temporarily close Custom House Quay, Cove Street and Hope Square to traffic for 12 weeks, to support the safe return of hospitality businesses on Weymouth harbourside.

The Government issued guidance recommending additional sitting out areas for hospitality businesses and asked highways authorities to control the use of available space effectively and safely.

Andy Alcock owns Quayside Fuel, a business on the harbour, he said that since the road closures have been put in place on the quay, the traffic's been getting worse day by day.

Andy Alcock owns Quayside Fuel

"The traffic on the seafront's been horrendous, at the moment there seems to be a pattern to it. It gets quite busy for a couple of hours in the morning, then seems to be really busy between 2pm-5pm in the afternoon - yesterday it was chocka block."

In response to whether he thinks the build-up on the seafront's been made worse by the quay closing, Andy said:

"It's awful, trouble is when they come along the seafront, they want to cut through and do a short cut to miss the traffic and maybe they come in front of the pavilion and come along the quayside, they realise there's barriers.

"They go to turn right into East Street, but of course that's blocked off, so they have to back along the seafront again. They're coming around and then going around Alexandra Gardens and back along the seafront and being met by traffic coming off the side streets.

"Unfortunately, they think they are doing a short cut and they get unstuck. The traffic then clogs up East Street, Maiden Street and St Edmunds Street."

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Traffic isn't the only problem the harbourside is having, Andy said yesterday (8th July) that lorries were parked up on East Street, blocking the road.

"It was to the building that used to be Sharky's, two big lorries were delivering building materials, so the drivers couldn't even use East Street to escape.

"The situation will get worse, unless we get bad weather that is, but it's supposed to pick up this weekend.

"Everything's governed around the seafront, and let's be clear about this, we're not even in the height of summer."

Weymouth Esplanade Parking

Wessex FM contacted Dorset Council for a comment, a spokesperson for the local authority said:

"It's not unusual for Weymouth Esplanade to see high volumes of traffic on 'beach weather' days.

"The congestion seen on the seafront yesterday (8th July) was caused mainly due to the Pavilion Car Park being full and drivers needing to turn back to find alternative parking.

"We're reviewing our signage for the harbour closure as well as our live car park information to ensure drivers can make informed decisions."