Dorset Council still waiting for details on extra financial support

Dorset Council still waiting for details on extra financial support

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:23am 10th July 2020.

Dorset Council says it is waiting for the details of how the Government scheme to give an extra £500m in support to local authorities will benefit the county.

Like other councils Dorset is facing the risk of considerable overspends because of extra costs and lost income in coping with the coronavirus pandemic. The latest figure put this at a potential £60m for the council in the full financial year.

A Dorset Council spokesman said they were still awaiting the details from the Government of how the extra cash would be allocated with a full report of the details expected to go to the Cabinet meeting on July 28th.

The Government scheme is designed to protect councils from lost income. It says the first 5% of losses will be borne by councils themselves with 75p in the pound above that protected by government.

Dorset Council, south walks house

Dorset’s lost incomes includes car parking fees after it allowed some parking for free and closed other, mainly seaside, car parks. There has also been a reduction in other fees and charges, although the exact figures have never been given in public.

The scheme will also allow for flexibility to recover council tax and non-domestic rates deficits over a three-year period rather than in a single year as is routinely the case.

A Dorset Council spokesperson said:

"We are waiting for details of these schemes, including our share of the £500m funding.

"We will share further information when we have it."

By Trevor Bevins, Local Democracy Reporter