Woman faced by stampede of cows in Bridport

Woman faced by stampede of cows in Bridport

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:54am 10th July 2020.

A Bridport woman believes fears over coronavirus could be stopping walkers from closing countryside gates.

Kaz Alderson-Rees had just finished walking her dogs in Bridport, when she saw a stampede of cows running up the bank and heading towards the local Morrisons. 

She told Wessex FM that it was such a shock, she left her car keys on the roof of her car and ran to stop them getting onto the high street. 

"I ran up to them and stood there waving my arms, jumping up and down, all while on the phone to 999 saying there's a stampede of cows that have escaped. 

"They were running full pelt, so I ran up to the bank shouting go on girls, go on girls, because I listen to far too much Archers.

"It was quite frightening because they were coming towards me, but I knew they wouldn't come into my space. Eventually they turned around."

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Kaz thinks the cows escaped because someone left their gate open.

"People have been leaving gates open all over the place, because they're frightened of touching the latches and catching COVID-19.

"But the accident this morning that could've been caused, would've just as serious as COVID-19, it puts all of us in danger, our pets included."

In the end Kaz managed to heard the cows back into their field. 

"A couple of chaps with their walking sticks opened the gate in the end and we managed to get them back in the field and shut the gate. "