Beauty clinic in Dorchester frustrated over government ban on facial treatments

Beauty clinic in Dorchester frustrated over government ban on facial treatments

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:40am 15th July 2020.

The owner of a beauty clinic in Dorchester is urging the government to be fair to their industry.

The government has now allowed part of the beauty sector to reopen, but treatments on the face are still now allowed.

The Highbrow Clinic  Aesthetics in Brewery Square says that decision means they are only able to carry out 20% of their treatments, making fully reopening unprofitable.

They say it is unfair that barbers are able to trim beards, and hairdressers can cut fringes but facial procedures  are still banned, despite most face work being done from behind clients heads.

Louisa Franzen owns the clinic, she said:

"Generally we're sat behind the clients and we wear PPE anyway.

"We're so safe within our industry and we just feel the decisions the government have made have been really inconsistent.

"If we can't offer that 80% of our services we're going to really struggle to reopen."

Louisa Franzen
Louisa Franzen

They're reopening on Monday the 20th, but they won't be open full time.

Louisa says her outgoings will be much higher than her income if they are not allowed to resume most of their services.

She said:

"There's just that lack of understanding, that lack of knowledge about our industry and how we do practice.

"We feel it is crazy that barbers are allowed to trim beards and hairdressers can cut fringes but our business which is clinical clean and safe cannot carry out our services.

"We've worked so hard to build up an amazing client base, amazing reputation in the local area and it is really worrying times.

"We just want to get the awareness out there that maybe the government will listen to us, stand up and do something and change their minds."

The Higbrow Clinic Aesthetics 2

The beauty industry contributed a total of £28.4 billion pounds to the UK economy in 2018. 

The Highbrow Clinic says they are worried if a solution is not found, they could close, putting 10 jobs at risk.