Two ways to read the sky: Dorset Astrologer on 'new' star sign

Two ways to read the sky: Dorset Astrologer on 'new' star sign

Published by The Wessex FM News Team at 12:52pm 17th July 2020. (Updated at 2:19pm 17th July 2020)

This week it's re-surfaced that there's a 13th-star sign, called Ophiuchus.

If you were born between November 29th and 17th December, this could be your new star sign.

It was brought up from a 2016 blog by NASA, and has caused quite a stir on social media.

A Dorset Astrologer says the 13th zodiac means and whether we're going to have to change our star signs.

Alexandra Jowett

Alexandra Jowett says our star signs are just a representation of the position of the sun at the time and place we were born.

"The entire horoscope that an individual is made up of takes into account more than a horoscope that is in the back of a paper or magazine.

"That's not doing any justice to astrology, because it only looks at a small aspect of the entire horoscope. Astrologers look at the position of the Moon, Venus, Mars and so much more including stars and asteroids - and the connection they make to each other."

The reason why Astrologers don't tend to include the sign Ophiuchus, is because there are two different types of Zodiac systems:

  • Tropical Zodiac - 12-star signs Western Astrologers use and what we would find in a magazine or newspaper.
  • Sidereal Zodiac - Which is what Astronomers like Nasa use and where Ophiuchus is found. 
Star signs

Alexandra owns 'Jupiter Returns' in Bournemouth, a company that runs Astrology workshops and a regular Astrology circle, she said: 

"Because in Western Society we use Tropical Zodiac, we're not used to understanding that there are two ways of looking at the sky. 

"Thousands of years ago Babylonians took a 360-degree circle and divided that equally into the 12 signs of a zodiac (12 areas of life - 12 months of the year) what this represents is the constellation which is most dominant in the sky when you line up the earth and the sun, at that particular month of the year, that you were born.

"And although Ophiuchus is quite close to the 12 signs of Zodiac in the sky, it's not fully complete, it's just the tail part that creeps into the sign of Sagittarius. But really what we need to consider is that portion of the sky, which fits with the 12 months of the year."

In reply to whether there is a 13th Zodiac, Alexandra said no, we don't need to worry about changing out star signs.

"As someone who practices Western astrology using the tropical zodiac, there are 12 signs of the 360-degree circle of the year, but if you want to follow a different branch of Astrology, then people can explore it."