Speedboat sinks near Durdle Door

Speedboat sinks near Durdle Door

Published by George Sharpe at 8:47am 20th July 2020.

A speedboat's sunk near Durdle Door, forcing occupants to swim to an inaccessible beach.

A group of people were winched to safety by a coastguard helicopter after they got stuck on a beach near Durdle Door.

Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team were called to Durdle Door on Saturday at 4:15 pm after a speedboat took on water.

Upon arrival at Durdle Door, it became clear to coastguard crews that they would not be able to reach the group, who were from outside of the area, by foot.

The occupants swam to the nearby beach between Bats Head and the White Nothe, which is virtually inaccessible by foot.

Bats head rescue

A helicopter was coincidently practising winching at Stair Hole and was dispatched to the beach.

They were winched to safety by helicopter.

The boat was fully submerged near the shoreline, but didn't pose any immediate danger and was left. (The photo of the vessel was taken at low water 19th July).