Beach Volleyball Result - Tuesday 6 August

Beach Volleyball Result - Tuesday 6 August

Published at 8:54am 7th August 2013.

A very successful weekend with the Weymouth RAF Careers Classic was completed with the 2013 “GO Spike league” with the Super 8 competition.

Terry Oldrid’s experience and competitive spirit (every point counts) enabled him to take the honors in the  “GO Spike league” Super 8 competition.

The B series was won by Mat D Palmer and Mike Clarke beating Serina Shone & Dan Cree by 15 points to 12.

The overall King & Queen of the beach however was not altered.

Ryan Stout (at present playing in the U23 tournament in Latvia) is the A series Champion and Bianca Schults is the B series Champion.

Tonight’s results were:


Super 8 July / August
1st  Terry Oldrid        63pts
2nd  Ali Mitchell         53pts
3rd  Jaffa Williams    51pts

4th  Mat Palmer        47pts
5th Lewis Edwards
6th Dom Dosseratt
7th Mat Broad

8th Martin O’Neil



B series



Runners up


Mat D Palmer & Mike Clarke

Serita Shone & Dan Cree


Laura Broad & Mike Stone 3rd

Clive Budden & Tim Warren 3rd



The “Go Spike” courts remain up until October and there will be a further “Go Spike Competition” in September.