The Bandits Handed Home Defeat From The Bournemouth Bears

The Bandits Handed Home Defeat From The Bournemouth Bears

Published at 3:40pm 18th December 2013.

Weymouth Bandits 48 – 79 Bournemouth Bears.

Tuesday 10th December saw the first home game at Budmouth College for the Weymouth Bandits who took on the travelling league leaders the Bournemouth Bears.

The opening quarter saw the Bandits start slow out the blocks having 7 straight points scored on them by the tough opposition. Vitoldas Balciunas opened the scoring for the Bandits, but sadly couldn’t fire up the offense as much as needed and after a flurry of baskets the Bandits ended the quarter trailing the Bears 5 – 16.

The second quarter was a much more intense than the first with both teams ramping up the pressure on both the defensive and offensive ends of the court. With multiple baskets from both Craig Sorrell and Jim De Bertrand helped the Bandits go onto score 14 for the quarter. Sadly though, the Bears also managed to put in an impressive quarter for offensive, meaning that once again the quarter ended for the Bandits trailing the Bears 20 – 40.

After the halftime break and a team talk the Bandits started the struggle of trying to gain some ground on the Bears. The offensive pressure was stepped up a notch resulting in a quarter that saw the majority of the Bandits points come from the free throw line. The Bandits ended the quarter having scored 11 points, but sadly the Bears traded point for point and were still in command 53 – 41.

The fourth quarter sadly saw the Bandits struggle stopping the offense of the Bears allowing them to go on runs of scoring consecutive baskets. With this tempo and the lead they had already created, the Bandits sadly ran out of time before managing to catch up with the Bears. The final score for the game was Weymouth Bandits 48 – Bournemouth Bears 79.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “I thought we played very well, considering we are facing such an impressive side in Bears and we are not close to league favourites. We had a plan to push them towards the basket and force them to win from the free throw line. It’s still not a victory, but switching from a 50 point defeat to a 30 point defeat, shows in only a couple of weeks, we are a better team.”

Scorers/Rosters: Jim De Bertrand      8, Giles Heaman 8, Max Gilmartin 6, Craig Sorrell 6, Chris Canham 6, Vitoldas Balciunas 5, Sam Brown 3, Richard Camp 2, Carl Carter 2, Josh Turner 2.