Weymouth Bobsleigher Searching For More Backers

Weymouth Bobsleigher Searching For More Backers

Published at 7:51am 3rd January 2014.

Weymouth's elite GB Bobsleigher Serita Shone is looking for more financial support to help her achieve further successes in her field.

An elite GB Bobsleigher from Weymouth has been telling Wessex FM how difficult it is to fund an Olympic dream nowadays.

Serita Shone, who made a remarkable comeback to the sport after a major crash broke her back in 2011, told us she's working hard off the track to gain sponsorship and make the next games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Although, in the elite field she only gets a certain amount of backing from the Team GB programme and says the backing of businesses - big and small - is essential to her success on the world stage.

Sponsorship money helps pay for training, travel, equipment like runners, helmets and other gear essential to racing.

Competitive Serita told us not everyone knows how tricky it can be for Team GB elite to compete;

"Unfortunately it's one of those sports where you need to be good, £100,000 pound a year a team is kinda what you need to crack it and get the equipment you need. I'm doing what I can by myself by myself with work and things like that but sometimes it's just not enough."

"It's not just about how good you are anymore, it's about how good your equipment is and how many people you know unfortunately. That's just one of the downsides of sport when you have to do a a bit of extra work to fight for your success by finding other people who are willing to fight with you."

Businesses interested in sponsoring and joining team Shone can have the opportunity to advertise through media and on the bobsleigh itself;

"There are opportunities to have advertising on the bob, on our clothing; there are plenty of opportunities and it's great PR."

With her eyes firmly set on the 2018 Games Serita explains why training overseas gives her the best chance of representing Team GB in South Korea;

"During the winter months in England and Scotland it's not quite cold enough to sustain freezing or even building a track that we could use so we have to travel a long way to train. It's a hard feet sometimes to get to the places you need to go and unfortunately that costs money so it's a Catch 22."

Serita knows how important business partnerships are for athletes and local traders alike and took the time to thank the Ocean and Hotel and Spa on Portland and the Future Physiques Gym in Weymouth who've both supported her.

You can contact Serita on Facebook and Twitter and request her email for any extra info and sponsorship enquires.