Keep On Running

Keep On Running

Published at 8:32am 23rd January 2014.

Dorchester Town Council are looking at providing areas and equipment for free runners.

Parkour enthusiasts could soon be running free in a new dedicated area in Dorchester.

The Town Council has been looking at areas to accommodate new equipment for the acrobatic Free Runners.

The activity is where people perform acrobatic tricks over obstacles in an urban environment.

Following a consultation with youngsters, Dorchester Councillors agreed at Committee that a specialist park should be provided for the keen Free Runners in the town. It would be set up outdoors and in a similar fashion to a play area.

They're now looking at funding a spot at the Sandringham Sports Centre to the rear of the Bowling Club - the preferred choice - or near the Outside Gym, or at the Kings Road Playing Fields.

Members will consider the three options before any final decision is made.

Jaskson Turner represents Train Hard Parkour and Free Running in Dorchester, he's worked closely with the Town Council through the whole process and is excited about the prospect of Dorchester's first ever Parkour site;

"Essentially it's some walls, railings, kinda like a climbing frame. It may look a bit odd to someone who doesn't know Parkour but if you take someone there who does the activity they'll see a whole bunch of challenges, can I swing, can I jump, land, or swing around this way."

"On the town council we have some really accommodating people and they've worked really hard to get this installed. They can see that's an important and different thing. Because of the skate park in Dorchester and crime going down and it giving something for young people to do they can see the value and this Parkour facility will be the same."

Dorchester's first Parkour facility should be made sometime this year (2014).