SKITTLES - Best 'Cide' Won And Head To Torquay And Beyond

SKITTLES - Best 'Cide' Won And Head To Torquay And Beyond

Published at 9:25am 18th July 2014.

Review of the Butcombe British Championship Qualifier between THE CIDER HEADS (379) v ONE STEP BEYOND 391) The Mitre, Glastonbury, Somerset. Friday 15th July.

Line Up Against The Cider Heads: S Gould, D Brown, A Mutch, L Hill, C Saddington, T Saddington, S Sibley and G Black

Tuesday night saw One Step Beyond travel to The Mitre Pub in Glastonbury to play their final Qualifying game in the Butcombe British Championship. Already qualified the result wasn’t important but the team wanted to finish qualification with maximum points plus confidence in the camp is high and as a unit we felt could win this one easily.

The last time we played The Cider Heads at home we beat them by an incredible 87 pins, so we were sure another win was on the cards and it was business as usual in the first hand. 6 pins up We left the alley very pleased with ourselves. When we returned from the beer garden after conversing and drinking we saw that The Cider Heads had just hit a hand of 75 which included 2 stick-ups of 15 and 18. Our reply was very lackluster with a score of 56, had our confidence become arrogance? After another breather in the beer garden we got our heads straight and put in a 69 hand to their 54 which gave us a 3 pin advantage which saw Captain Chris show his captaining qualities as well as his skittling prowess by grabbing a 17 pin stick- up.

Fourth hand saw the Cider Heads hit 69 whilst we hit 70 so still in the lead but only slightly this was our toughest test to date and we had to keep slogging away. Fifth hand we grabbed another extra 3 pins but undeterred the Cider Heads wouldn’t give up the ghost and put in a 66 hand on their last attempt. This then gave us the challenge of hitting 61 to win the game and with our self believe the catalyst we started well, Steve Gould started the ball rolling with a 15 pin stick up and from then on we never looked back as we hit a hand of 72 to win the game by 12 pins.

Already qualified and in unique fashion but we had a scare with this very tightly contested game but this was a cracking duel and proved as a valuable lesson to never take anything for granted for when we head to Torquay to where we hope to play our way to the treasure that is the Butcombe British Skittles Championship.

One Step Beyond’s Official Press Officer

Greg Black