Basketball - Weymouth College Tropic Open Season With Double Whammy

Basketball - Weymouth College Tropic Open Season With Double Whammy

Published at 2:42pm 29th October 2014.

Weymouth College Tropics 42 – 12 Solent Kestrels Weymouth College Tropics 58 – 27 Tres Barriles Predators B.

With only a single win all last season Weymouth College Tropics opened their new season with higher hopes and getting back to a winning trend.

In their first game of the day, Tropics (in their new kits) faced Solent Kestrels U15 team. Things didn’t seem to match the previous season as Weymouth charged ahead from the open basket and showed that last year’s lack of success was just a memory. Despite the emphatic start, Coach Alex Fuhrmann demanded that his team set the tone and enforced a full court press defence. Weymouth College Tropics were ignited again for the second half as they created steal after steal and found scoring success from Max Gilmartin and Jerry Thompson. As the closing seconds of the game ticked down, Kestrels did attempt to gain some scoring ground, unfortunately Weymouth would not let up and capped off the game 42 – 12 ahead.

In the Weymouth College Tropics second game they were quick to pick up on their success from the last game as they ran out to a 10 point lead, leaving the Predators a little shell shocked. With the second quarter underway, Weymouth returned to their press defence and became rejuvenated as they realised all players were finding success. Weymouth maintained a lead going into the second half with forwards Eric Robertshaw and Matt Williams-Davey dominating the rebounding, and making sure they were both mentally and physically dominant in a 58 – 27 win.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “That’s exactly how we wanted to start our season. It was really important to me that we set a tone for the season moving forward. I was especially impressed with our returning captains (Gilmartin / Thompson) who made sure we didn’t take our foot off the gas. This was supported with fantastic debut performances from Derek Marquez, Dan Hampson, Eric Robertshaw and Bruce Florentino, all of whom gave us great production.”